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Asian girls wearing thongs?
How many of you guys wear thongs? I always thought all girls wear thongs but in the locker room when I was changing, some girls were like "I never knew Asians wore thongs." How many of you Asian girls wear thongs and how old are you? When did you start wearing them? I started at 11. I know it's young but my mom took me shopping with her when I was at a young age and Victoria's Secret was and is the only place we buy our underwear. I'm 17 now by the way.
To be honest with you, it's not really common in my country.
We do have it but I really don't see them wearing it that much.
Why can't Asian girls walk in thongs and Flip Flops?
At malls I always see Asian girls scuffing, dragging and not being able to lift up their feet when they walk in thongs or Flip Flops. This is not meant to be a racist, I just want to know why this is.
haha i know what you mean, i am asian and wear flip flops and i drag my feet around making that annoying sound, i hardly notice it..

why do i do this? it just happens,
maybe its some ancestory thing, how they use to shuffle their feet and take small steps... you know ?

no cluee.
Why would this girl at my gym do these things?
We had some incidents that bordered on racial, (her being iranian and me being asian),but after i've tried to smooth things out the last few times this year, by being polite respectful and trying to restrain my temper(which makes me burn because i'm still pissed)she seems to be wanting to try to be near me,try to get my attention want my attention etc.....I don't oblige because i'm still pissed even though i tried to9 smooth thongs and won't give her satisfaction,but anyway,what do i make of her behavior?There were incidents in the past where i snapped and drove her out,but what do i make of all of this?
Without specifics it's hard, but sometimes when there is prejudices and division out there....we only know what we were raised but it's clear that maybe she has a curiousity to move beyond that. Maybe you could try once more to listen to her and figure things out from a Place of Ignorance....hers. It's not worth holding onto issues - life's too short. If you are unable to meet eye to eye, tell her that unfortunately in this time your difference to see eye to eye are an obstacle for wish her well.
Okay, Thongs on men sexy, funny, or not?
Now, I'm not talking about men in general.
I´m asian so I'm hairless in the butt region.
And I'm your average idiot who will do anything for your laugh.
In this case, wear a thong.
It has the long pouch thing for my private area, and eyes on it for a good laugh.
I have a myspace if you wish to check me out.
sure, friend request me, I might deny you
Funny On men who dare to wear them, You need confidence though :P xx
Where can I find an asian cam model to pay?
I have a dating website and I have plenty of girls but I need more guys, and the website is almost an "adult theme". I need to find asian looking girls who I can pay to make short 2 minute videos for me on cam to promote my dating site. I dont want nudity, but someone sexy in bikini/thong. Where would you go about finding someone like this? Craigslist hasnt worked. Is there somewhere specifically where you can hire cam models or bid on them?
Hire a modeling agency or go to some clubs and talk to some strippers.
If you really do have a dating website, you should have some connections to find some willing girls.

If not, you need to make some connections in the adult industry. $$$
Talk to photographers, scouts, editors of adult classified magazines.

It's not about what you know, it's about who you know.
I am on vacation with my husband in hawaii and am wondering if it would be too slutty to wear a thong bikini?
I am petite, asian who works out and think i look good in it, but don't want too much attention from others. Any thoughts or experiences would help.
I have been to Hawaii many, many times and no one wears those out there. You would probably be the only one and you would stand out like a sore thumb. Wear it if you want everyone looking at you and want attention not if if you don't want attention.

Plus who gives a rats *** what your husband thinks? Are you not your own person? Do you have to ask your husband everytime you want to do something?
I am on a spring break with my husband and wondering if it would be too slutty to wear a thong bikini?
I'm petite, athletic asian who works out. So, i don't think I'll look bad, but I want to wear it in public and dont want too much attention
You just totally contradicted yourself...
You want to wear a THONG bikini, yet you "don't want too much attention"?? hmm... I would say DONT WEAR it! its one thing to do it if it was just you and your husband, but in public? uh, Kinda trashy in my opinion!
Asian woman attracted to black women?
I'm Asian woman who attracted to black people in general male and female. I have relationship with black man but I want a black woman too we can be the oreo sexuals. I don't know what black woman like so I put thong on and tan me skin to chocolate brown coloring. Is it work?
U fail as Miss Swan
She was my favorite Mad TV Character EVER
Travelling alone to either Greece or Rio de Janeiro, need your input?
I still can't make up my mind where to travel on 2008.
Santorini is beautiful and captivating with the great architecture and beautiful Agean Sea; while im quite fascinated with the heat/bikini/thong in Rio Brazil, plus the 'Christ the Redeemer' statue...

im travelling alone, im an Asian Chinese
need to know which place is safer, cheaper, and definitely not that boring to travel alone.
by the way, what is the currency in Greece?
They are both very beautiful places and I have been to both!
Santorini is very safe but expensive. Rio is not very safe but cheap. You can have more fun in Rio! There is more atmosphere in Santorini! The currency in Greece is the Euro! Just go to Greece in the summer of 2008 and to Rio in the winter of 2009!
I need mila j. song lyrics now!!?
can someone please get me the lyrics to "im me" by Mila. J feat. Omarion.. tha only part i really kno is like
"back in the club once again its me"
and like... "ever seen a girl in a chinchila thong, mila j, black asian and indian" yeah if anyone knos tha lyrics lemme kno 10 PTS!!!
I'm Me - Mila J.

Verse 1
I come from the land down unda
Blaze up its Mila the girl wonda
Rap etiquette crack just like thunda
Cause the flow will vibrate the tundra
And my glow will radiate the summa
Bang, this in your coupes, lacs, and hummas
Move to the rhythm like I’m my own drumma
****** swarm the dance floor like pirannahs
Cause I’m keeping it hot like Tijuana
But I’m hood as Shaniqua and Kiana
Sexy as Aaliyah or Madonna
Donna Karen,
Bitches starrin’ but I ain’t Carin’[Karen]
They know she will kill a song
Ever seen a girl in a chinchilla thong
Have your eyes deep fried like won-tons
You can hate if you wanna,
Just don’t rub me wrong, Oh

Back in the club once again it’s me
This ain’t your average chick it’s me
Go ahead move your body
And let me show you how to party
Back in the house once again it’s me
Smirnoff, or a Long Island Iced Tea
Go ahead move your body
and let me show you how to party

Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go,
let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go

Verse 2
Bad lil’ mama
slick with the gramma
Bionic like da na na na na na na na
Dookie rope chain in a pink leather bomba
****** can’t see me
Haters try to find me like Osama
Rock like Nirvana
Mila, Mila
Chicks love throwing their hips to my heater
Anywhere I sit I’m gone kick my feet up
Re-up, flow gets slow watch me speed up
You know I can make ‘em jump,
to every single synonym,
Sweet as cinnamon, got him
Soon as I put my venom in,
Got his toes curling and ripping
out of his Timberlands
I ain’t even give him no booty
look what I did to him
No he’s trippin’ give him some Ritalin
Mila J, Black, Asian and Indian
That’s why the flow mix up so smoothly
Ask Jamba Juice who really invented smoothies

Chorus Repeats

Breakdown Repeats

Verse 3
So gutta, but butta like Parkay
MJ gets Biz like Marke'
Zooma – zoom – zooma – zooma - ze
I know you love the swagger
when I’m doin’ my thang
I know you love the way
I pull up in the Range
With the audacity to rock like two chains
Rings on all five fings
A Salt with a deadly Peppa
Like I’m a legend from Queens
Nah mean?

Chorus repeats

Breakdown Repeats

©, asians in thongs