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Where can i find a paddded Bikini for small boobs?
LOL i know this is a weird question but i want to know where to find a padded bikini for SMALL BOOBS. I think its so weird to have small boobs and be swimming without padded cuz im pretty young and i feel uncomfortable now that im at this age. And like my mom got me a bathing suit and i loved it but it looked weird cuz i have small ones. =( PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks

and i know i shouldn't care about how i look at this age but i feel uncomfortable
I understand how you feel. i don't know how old you are, but limited too has padded bathing suits that start in like size 10 I think. To take attention away from the size of your boob or make them appear larger, try a bright and busy print. Ruffles also help. Try to avoid dark colors up top and strapless tops (bandeau style is sometimes ok0.
Whats the best bikini for small boobs ?
I have small boobs , 34B , and I'm going spain for summer and I really want a good bikini to kind of lift them or something , any ideas ?
victorias secret has THE most amazing bathing suit ever. it brings you boobs up 2 cup sizes. a little bit expensive but SO worth it
Where do I get a bikini which accenuate my small bust?
Hi, im 23 with a small chest and would like a bikini which could slightly enhance my look. I've heard halter neck bikini tops flatter small chested women.

Any ideas of any shops or websites that sell push up bikinis or anything?

Thanks in advance!
this page will be really helpful for you, check it out:…
it's got links to stores in it as well.just scroll through the ones that relate to your specific body type.

basically if your small on top, get bikinis with loads of detail on it to distract from your smaller bust: ruffles, big bold prints, wide stripes, bright colours, embelishments etc. halter necks are good for flatter chests because of the broader staps and sturdy waist band but even other cuts could look good if they have the right style.
Guys, do you think its to slutty to have a big chest and a small bikini?
boys only! do you think its to slutty if i wore a small bikini and have a rather... ok who am i guying, really big chest?
Nope, I think it would be attractive.
Can anyone help me find a cute, white bikini with small multi colored polka dots?
i have a certain style in my head that i just cannot seem to find anywhere. i'm looking for a simple white bikini with lots of small multi colored polka dots in colors like pink, blue, and yellow. just something really cute to look forward to wearing next summer.
you could look on ebay, they have that specific search box you can type in color and size. or i think pacsun would have some like that.
What is the best push up bikini and added cleavge at victoria secret for small 32 a breast??
its hard to find the perfect bikini with such small breasts. 32A OR AA? anyway. which victoria secret bikini would be besst? cna you guys send a link for soem cute ones that are push-upp and will enhance my breasts and make them look a cup larger?? thankssss!…

theres a bunch there.. I dunno if a 32 a has alot to push up though.. not trying to be mean or anything, but go for a print on the top to make it sorta pop. i know that sounded weird.
What is the best type of Bikini for a small chest?
I am going to an amusement park, with rides and a water park in about 3 weeks. I was wondering what type of bikini top is best for a small chest. And no I really don't want strapless since I will be going on rides!
and also what color?
Im not light complected but not dark either. Have brown hair and eyes also.. if that makes a difference.

I'm not particularly "blessed in the chest" area either. I have always found that the halter DOES give the best illusion for flattery to a small chest. The ones taht TIE at the nape of the neck work better than those that have a standard fastener.

not to get all personal, but i worked in a lingerie store (vanity fair) for like 3 years, and we had to help fit women to bras and some swimsuits... when you put the top on, fasten it at the back first. Then securely tie it around the nape of the neck, not super tight, but tight enough to give good support... then, bend forward, and actually reach into the top and pull your breasts toward the center. Then stand back upright. This will not only give you the proper fit, but it will give you the proper support as well. (and it also boosts the appearance factor... lol)

As for color... just pick your favorite, I always liked pink or light blue, ESPECIALLY if I had a good tan... lol. Good luck and I hope you have fun on your water park trip!
Why small girls wear bikini when they go for swimming weather outside or at home?
I just don't understand that why small girls wear a bikini.I've seen even a 5 or 6 or 10 yrs old girls wear a bikini.At this age their chest is flat.Ok,if someone has then thats fine but why babies even wear them.But if u look at adults they are free to show their boobs on the beaches where we have nide beaches.
A baby with a bikini is cute. But like a 5 year old and 10 yr old is weird, I mean they don't really have any point in wearing one. But as guys no one really cares about how your bathing suit looks, plus when your an adult and have guys, your stomach is never the same so its fun to show it off before, I personally don't see a point but I understand why people wear one
What type of bikini for small chests?
What is the best type of bikini top for smaller chests? Is it the bandeau style? Are triangle styles good?
What you really want is something structured. Colorful/patterned pieces also help increase the appearance of the bust. A current trend that is also helpful is the ruffle top! A structured bandeau will help, but don't get a flat, straight cut, that will really flatten everything out.

A couple of examples:………

Good luck finding a suit you love!
What are the best bikini styles for small breasts?
Summer's coming up.

Its bikini season.

Whats the best bikini style for those who are blest with smaller breasts?
u and me both... well i use a halter top bikkini, it lifts the little thats there.

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