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How come black guys tend to have nice bubble butts?
how come black/african guys or people of african decent all have nice round bubble butts? is it something genetic?
Evolution... Like how camels have big lumps on their backs for energy, we have our lumps on our back side and our penises act as out riggers to balance it out so we don't fall backwards.
What kind of spider has a body shape like black widow with the bubble butt but its legs were brown?
when i look at pictures of the black widdow they look simular but there was no red and the legs were brown, butt was black.
i have 2 young guyren. and its not the kind im used to
and ideas?
Did you look under spiders for the state you live in? Each state has different kinds of spiders.
Black guys and white girls with big butts?
I'm on my high school's track team and we practice at a public track with another school that has a ton of black guys. There's this blonde girl on my team with a very prominent bubble butt and these black guys literally go wild over her. They're always talking about her butt and how hot she is and stuff like that. There are black girls with big butts on my team too, but they aren't nearly as into them as they are into this one blonde girl.

So, why is it that they love her so much?!?!?
We can't know why they dig her so much, you'd have to ask guess is because she's an attractive girl with a physical feature they like...

I'm a white chick with an average butt, and plenty of black guys pay me attention's not always about the azz...
Does any one know why black women mostly have flat butts?
black women are famous for having amazingly huge bubble butts , however , to actually see one is rare. what happened???
maybe black wome on th ewest coast are trying to hard to measure up to white women . history proves that its and ongoing thing thats been around for a hundred or more years. with inventions lik ethe hot-comb the perm, the jerry-curl and the infamous weave and contact lenses black women continue to try to hide parts of there blackness and flaunt others. in teh old, old days black people were treated differently according to appearence. light skinned folks with bright eyes and so called good hair ,which means its less nappy and easily managed, were treated better and given easier task and some times became maids which meant they ate better wore clean clothes and shoes and slept inside the main house in slavery times. the same women were also desired more often by black men and continue to be today . the light skin , hair difference and eye color are the result of the intrduction of white geneology.

today black look diferent then they used to according to my elders. i belive it for several reasons
1. black people are becoming more health concious

2. black women are one the same shrink-my-booty syndrome that everyone else is.
3. it may be that old time geneology catching up with us , after all if introduced by white men it would have been dominate genes. that coupled with black mens propensity to chase the least arican looking women may have caused some white genes to resurface.

mean while in white women the same is happening in reverse.
My wife is annoyed I was cheating on her with a sexy black chick with a fine bubble butt?
Black women are so sexy, but I have guys with my wife so I need fix the situation any advice?
lmfao this place will never change....not even a bit =)
Does anyone know of any male websites (gay) of men with bubble butts?
I am looking for sites that show mens bubble or phat butts does anyone know of any websites? I could be muscle butts but i prefer black butts (men butts only)
lol wow naughy much just try to google it xD
Why do Black men have such big, round, golden brown bubble butts?
They have the best butts. hands down. nah mean? nah mean, mayne?

(My moms going to let me take the train to watch them play basketball shirtless if I do good on the Final exams. Jealous?)
I see school is out and you have the long summer to ask stupid questions on here.
Are women with big bubble butts more attractive?
Blacks seem to like bubbles. Are men programmed to look for big round tushes?
yes, like a robot or machine
White and asian men-do you like flat butts or bubble butts?
because im starting a new workout plan that will give me a round shaped butt. and everyones saying black and latino men only like round butts, im attracted to white and asian men.
so how do you like butts: round or flat?
As an Asian guy, I have to say; I like a girl with a bHind.. but not too much, you know what I mean? I don't want to be able to set my glass on it at a party or anything...

Of course, I am engaged to a white girl with the perfect butt, so I'm a little spoiled.

Anyway, to answer your question; different people have different preferences. My vote is in between round and flat though.

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