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Name of black gang from New Jersey and Philadelphia?
Does anyone know the name of the base New Jersey, Philadelphia, Charlotte, North Carolina black gang that has sprung up in the upstate of South Carolina? They deal in contract killing, illegal weapons sales, fraud, identity theft, forgery, and money laundering.
carnage & anarchy
Is it true that a Mexican gang killed a small black guy?
i remember hearing about a Mexican in California who was feuding with a black gang purposely shooting and killing a black guy of about 4 or 5 . I thought that was OVERBOARD! I mean I understand other gang members but a BABY! If I am mistaken my fault. Have you ever heard of anything like this?
all gangs go overboard that is not surprising to hear. did you hear about the bloods who dropped an ms-13 member off the nyc bridge. nothing is off-limits when it comes to rival gangs, many people are caught in the crossfire unfortunatley
Why are the majority of gang rapes committed by black men?
Statistics from the met police show that over 60% of gang rapes are committed by young black men. I am doing an essay of gang rape and masculinities and I need to find out why gangs of black males (usually young) rape women more than white men do?
I'm not saying that all young black men gang rape women, I am trying to find out why the statistics for it are so high?
I think it's the welfare state.
Once you get used to being given food stamps, medicaid, free housing, and a welfare check every month for NOT working, it's natural to start to get a feeling of "entitlement".

Then for sex, you are only offered the choice of either uneducated black women, or super-fat white women, it must seem like you are entitled to something better than that. So you take it by force.

Basically, the same reason that blacks rob, burglarized, and shoplift so much.
Why is there more gang crime in black cummunit from the north(phil,NY,CH) more than the south(South Carolina)?
I notice that crime among black teenagers is more in northern part of America than the south.Cities like Montreal, New-york, Philadelphia have black gang activity but not the southern part like South Carolina, Georgia.
Huge cities like Chicago, Philly, and NYC have more poor people and larger poor areas full of gangs than small towns in SC.

A fair and more accurate comparison would be Miami and Atlanta against Chicago, Philly, etc.

In general southern people seem to be more polite than northern people.
I need a black arm gang partner for heroes quest really soon, so can someone be my partner?
I have gotten all of the quest items except the theives band. I need a black arm gang partner and they have to almost be done like i am. And again, i only need the armband. Please just post your username and i will pm you.
Try Runescape forums under quest help.…

Breeze through the last pages.
I need some footage of graphic black gang fights (shootings) for a documentary Where can i find some?
its all in the title, where can i find graphic footage of gang fights with ether guns, knives, or anything else. Im doing a small documentary on gang fights, and i really need some good, compelling video. I tried youtube, metacafe, google videos. none seem to have anything too graphic.
Look for "Gangstas N Thugs" on youtube. A film outfir in Palm Beach that has DVD's for sale and tons of footage on youtube.
Would you rather be in the Space Police or in the Black Hole gang?
I would rather be in the Black Hole gang.
space police.

Reason: Black hole gang sounds like butt hole gang and No intergalactic gangs will take you seriously.
Plus legally speeding in space has to be a blast.
Where can i find the murder case of a girl in a middle school involving the girls gang black widows?
it involved the gang black widows and the murder of a student that had straight A's and got killed in the girls locker room, i heard it happened at drew middle school,im not sure but they say that it was over there, and i want to see the pictures about the murder. and my teacher found a web site about this case but i can't find it and i need help.this happened in 1988 in a LAUSD school.
black widows.. sounds like a gang in the movie "warriors" i'm from LA and was involved in the "lifestyle:" i know of NO female gang.. they usually are part of the male gangs.
What would happen if black and latino gang members team up?
all this tension between black and latino gang members has gotten out of hand! We all know that the two most powerful street gangs in race is Latino and Black gang members. So what would happen if they decided to finally call it a truce, get along and decide to take over the country's true enemys?
All hell will break loose? I mean who wants to deal with gangs and the bull5hit they come up with?
Anyone help me with Shield of Arrav quest: U must be a black arms gang member to help me?
I need help with the quest: shield of arrav. i need someone thats in the black arms gang to give 2 phoenix crossbows to katrine and get the other half of the shield and help get the certificate and reward. I will reward the player that helps however. just give me ur username.
just make another account and do the quest on the black arm side, then log into both accounts at the same time in the same world and trade the phoenix bow and then at the end trade the half of the coupon thing

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