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Do you think Eden Abergil is hot?
I think some US porn company may offer her a job in a Movie, I would like a CFNM theme maybe or a Femdom theme you know this beauty chick torturing sexually the terrorist bad guys.

What do you think?
She is nice!

What she did is wrong, and she should be punished accordingly.
There is no justification of this and she deserves the full penalty of the law.

But I want to know is this: why do the media never shout or complain when Muslim terrorists behead westerners?

Where was the Outcry when two Israeli soldiers are guynapped and tortured and beheaded?

This makes me sick. The media are just sheer hypocrites
What are some good explicit hentai movies where the girl takes control.?
I've seen a few, like bible black and...whoa...way out of line. not into the whole tenticle thing
However, for those Bible Black fans, I liked the Reika Kitami's attitude and personality.
I just didn't like the fact she had A PENIS!

I'm really into the type let's say...example...where the guy would be in cuffs and the girl is riding him till he pops, or (pop shot scene ex: say after the ride using HER hands or mouth, she takes control of the gun, and fires it herself)
However the whole latex leather dominatrix is just out of line too. Not into the pain or whips...just cuffs.

so...basically girls in control, ..just no S&M, paddles, whips, tenticles, shemales....
just your average hot girl taking control, riding, and cuffs are a plus.
although if the girl were goth, that IS acceptable (also a plus)
(if you got live action ideas...I'm already aware of CFNM)
family of debautchary
sin sorority

live action is the men in pain website

©, cfnm movie