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The number of dirty latin maids?
damm them girls are hot and to know the number of the company and there name will make me happy lol
why would you want a hot maid, you lookin for a maid or a game hehehehe
Is it illegal to sleep (do the dirty) with a maid?
I will be moving in to my rich uncles for a week or so and he has 2 maids. one is white and the other is latin and both under 30. i saw their pic and they look good but back to the question. is it illegal to get down and dirty with a maid? im 18 btw
Why would it be illegal?
Have you ever seen that....?
Have you ever seen that porno "Dirty Latin Maids" I have, and its awesum. What do you think of it?
no and im not plannin on to
Does any one know of a spanish language school that isnt so "dirty"?
I want to take all the guesswork out of the trip. I have money and time and the last school I went to in MX required trains and buses and alot of daily walking to the school and a dirty home-stay family. Are there any schools in any of the latin countries where I can just pay the money get picked up at the airport, rides to school, a nice hotel with maid, gym, internet, great food etc. etc.
I think you should just stay in your own country. Wouldn't want you to get too dirty here.
Why don't you watch "A Day Without a Mexican" one day?
To get an idea how the U.S be without illegal immigrants?
I am not even Mexican, and I am not illegal but I am latin and I saw this movie like a year ago and found it very comical and true. You people would get all desperate if you didn't had people to pick up the tomatoes you eat, pick up the trash, lose the house maids that take care of your guyren, lose the guy who fixes your air conditioner, etc etc. All those manual and dirty jobs you hate doing can be done because most of your country is fulled with professionals who refuse to take those jobs.

Why can't you be more appreciative of the people who are only there to work and send some money to their families down there. It's a proven fact they are helping your economy, so shut the hell up. If you have a gang full of cholos in your neighborhood you should consider moving.
I appreciate what the Latino community brings to America. I sympathize with the illegals who risk life and limb to come here to find work so they can support their struggling families. As a mother, I can only imagine the fear and desperation of not being able to feed your guyren or give them proper medical care.

I admire their humility to do whatever it takes to find honest work, unlike others who turn to selling drugs or stealing. Latinos have a great sense of honor and family, too. I do not look down on them, but instead see them as my equals and in many cases, my superiors.

I can't understand why Americans dislike them so much. We should remember our ancestors who faced this same discrimination (Irish, etc.) when they first came to the US. How can people want to shut the borders now that they themselves are safe here, enjoying the abundance of America?

If anything, we should pressure Mexico to get its act together and take care of its own people, true. But I say we accept all hard-working, honest people and toss out the criminals, predators and drug lords who call themselves legal American citizens.

I teach many Latino guyren, and I am doing my best to instill a good education in their young minds so they can rise up and create their own American dream. They deserve every good thing that this earth and humankind has to offer. Perhaps one of them will have the cure for AIDS or the answer to world poverty...

I'm sure that any of them will be an asset to this world unlike those of those who still have prejudice and other ugly feelings in your hearts.

I say, Welcome, welcome and thank you to all immigrants, legal or not.
Wat is dat song????? please help!!! Urgently!!!?
There are a few songs on the Dirty Dancng 2 havana nights trailer. i need to know what the songs are can someone please tell me? i know the first one is Latin Lover. mainly, i need to know the song that is going on in the background wen Romola is asking her maid if her dress is 'square' or not.it goes on for a while...it isn't in the soundtrack....PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here are all the soundtracks www.imdb.com/title/tt0338096/soun…
URGENT!!!. help!!!...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?
There are a few songs on the Dirty Dancng 2 havana nights trailer. i need to know what the songs are can someone please tell me? i know the first one is Latin Lover. mainly, i need to know the song that is going on in the background wen Romola is asking her maid if her dress is 'square' or not.it goes on for a while.....PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
try these

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