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Where can I go to learn how to be a FEM Dom?
This is something that I have liked since I was 19 and I did not know that it actually exist until I told some friends what I like and they told me there are places where I can go to learn how to be one.
I can't post links because the sites are considered adult and violate terms of service, but google "Elise Sutton" and "Real Women Don't Do Housework." Also check out the message boards on CollarMe.com.
I want to become good at fem-dom sex?
I'm pretty interested in it, and my friend really wants me to do it with him. But I'm worried I'll screw it up. What are some pointers for becoming a good dominatrix/keeping things hot?
Need to practice? Call me!
Do I have to be Christian in order to get into a Christian fem-dom relationship?
Basically, it involves a woman submitting to the man, and allowing him to punish her with spankings and even grounding her.

"Great fortune for U.S."
I'm a Christian and I like spankings.

There. I said it.
Fem Dom? I need advice.?
My boyfriend is asking me to dominate him.. It turned him on a lot. But I really don't know what he would want me to do? He suggested I sit on his face until he can't breathe, make him lick my feet.. Stuff like that. But I honestly don't know anything else to try.. Advice, please!
You are on the right track. Its easier than you think. First you need to just command him to do things with a harsh bitchy voice. Foot licking and face sitting is really good for fem dom. Do things like make him lick your shoe and socks before getting to your feet. You should go get a riding crop from a local horse apparel store. the use of that will turn him on. I bet you can make it work. You are really great to go to such lengths to help your bf.
Anyone with thoughts on Fem Dom?
I have plenty: like, I'd really like to try submitting to one. How do I convince my lady to take on hte role? If I can't convinve her, how do I go about finding one, other than online? Do women really like this role, and if so, why? Going to make you earn the 10 points on this one!
Its a tough role to fill for most women, I'd bet. I am assuming that currently your "lady" is not very dominant? Or, at least, dominant to the level you'd want? I think that first and foremost, you should be open about it. You're never going to get what you want if you dont say anything to her. Be very understanding with her, because she has to be very understanding of her. If she's not a very dominant person, she's going to either be rejecting of the idea or she's not going to understand it like you do. Patience would be the name of the game.

I wouldn't even think about "finding" anyone other than your "lady" right now.

Do women like this role? Some do, some don't. Just like anything else, really. And really, the ones who do like it for a whole variety of reasons. Maybe they like the power and control. Maybe its a way for them to deal with their own struggles with being controled in their personal life.

I hope thats something.
LBGT: does a fem has as much responsibility as a stud/dom?
my gf and i have a really good relationship &we love each other. she's a fem and i'm a stud.
but sometimes it feels like all the work is put on me. i'm usually the first to call her, first to say i love you, always giving kisses through the phone when i can't see her, etc.
but i was just wondering if it's usually this way with most lesbian couples.
Yeah it's pretty much like that unfortunately with many.
Should you trust your fem (lesbian) fiancee to have dom(lesbian) friends?? ....Lesbians Only!?
My fiancee and I are about to be married soon and I trust her and believe that she would never do me wrong. However, I feel uncomfortable with her having other stud friends. Is that wrong? What should I do?
I don't think it's wrong. Sometimes we can't help what we feel. Try to figure out why it makes you uncomfortable and please talk about it with her before it starts causing problems in your relationship. Maybe you can reach some type of compromise about the situation or perhaps she can help you overcome your uneasiness about it.

Good luck and best wishes.

....a stud that knows what you're going through.
Dom females?
Where can Fem females meet Dom Females
Definately try myspace groups. Thats probably the best thing. I used to search for s&m groups to meet and talk to people about their expericiences. I met alot of cool people on there.

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