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Where can gay arab men hang out in Chicago?
I am an gay Arab man new to chicago. I don't know many people here and I was wondering where other men like me go for a fun night out?
Gay arab men can hang out in same place as any other gay man in Chicago :p

Where are the hot gay Arab men in NYC?
I think Arab men are beautiful, but can't seem to find one who might be interested in a little fun. New York City....Holla!
Let us all know if you find your answer. We may be interested too.
Where can I meet gay men of arab and east indian backgrounds, not easy in NYC?
Occasionally, I see one or two guys that might be straight acting (gay),
but where do most guys of these
countries hang out? I'm very interested in meeting hot guys from these countries,
but it's a mystery because of their strong religious beliefs, I think most are in the closet, or behind the closet. Some of the hottest guys are from Arab and East Indian countries.
I agree, they are soooo hoooooot!
Well, most are hiding behind dating websites. I could find many online.
Have you ever tried?

I would recommend one site for this, and you will not be disappointed, because there are plenty of Arab and Indian gays looking for men, here you are, and good luck:
Where can I find top gay arab men?
want to meet top arab. i am bottom
I'd say go Google or something. I'm not sure of what dating sites there are for gay arabs. That would be a good start
Why do Arab Men go for gay guys?
I'm in the middle-east but iv'e noticed most Arab men go for gay guys... young or old.
Arabs got more wealth without any hard work. They forgot their noble religion and start doing all sinful acts. One such thing is this kind of sexual activities. In this aspect they are becoming animals.
What happens if a male arab is gay?
I just wanted to know because i just finished this book about them. Nd that Arab men are very special to there fathers nd family just because they were born male nd not female. So wat happens if an arab men is gay???
I am Arab and I am Gay =) I live in Canada though, but if lived anywhere in the Middle east, I'd probably be stoned to death, hanged, prison for life or the minimum of being imprisoned for years =s depends on what country you're in
Why do arab men hide that they are gay? why do they feel that they?
have to hide it. do they feel shamed or what?
because mahmoud ahmadinejad would come and get them.
Are Arab men liberated, if not oppressed by one another?
Is Saudi Arabia now a Paradise for gay men?…

See the video link above.
son of bitcch you re
لعنة الله عليك
Have you ever saw a gay/feminine Arab man?
just wondering...
Not openly... in private it's another matter. Most of them are Muslim, and being gay is totally NOT allowed in their religion, so they will not be openly gay or effeminate.. but I've heard from Muslim friends that it does go on, there are definitely gay men they just have to hide it.

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