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Can you guys smell it when girls spread their legs apart?
This is a totally serious questions and please answer it seriously because I know a lot of girls wonder the same thing. Can you ever smell an odor when girls sit down with their legs apart in such a setting as class? Please be answer respectfully! Thanks in advance!!!
Just in general no. But say you really don't take care of her feminine hygiene, yeah it can develop a bad smell. And yes if it is bad enough, other people can smell it - though most guys won't just assume the source is between a girl's legs. The only time bad smell is really obvious is when you're getting intimate with a guy. But if you keep yourself clean down there and don't have something like a yeast infection, you should be fine.

Guys can smell funky too you know.
Why is it acceptable for guys to sit with their legs spread but not girls?
I am wondering why guys can sit in a chair and spread their legs open but girls have to keep their knees together or legs crossed even if they are wearing pants. I think it is comfortable to sit like a guy sometimes but I don't want people to think I am "easy" or something. Sometimes I wish I was a guy since they have the easy life. :/
it started in the past any form of a woman with her legs open meant sex so i guess back in the day and even now if a woman doesn't want to be viewed as a slut she keeps her legs closed .
Do girls move their legs when they're turned on?
Do girls move their legs when they're turned on? Just wondering. I sometimes see girls spreading legs and closing it and repeating it, and I was wondering if it was that they're turned on or something.
Why do more girls cross their legs than guys?
I wonder this because you always see girls crossing their legs but you never see many guys that do it. I am a 15 year old guy and I like sitting with my legs crossed eventhough very few guys do it I just find it comfortable and I am not gay. I always wondered why guys usually sit with their legs spread out or kinda sideways because I thought guys always used to cross their legs back in the day.
You see... The girls cross their legs because they don't want to reveal their privacy when they dress skirt. So therefore, they used to it since ever.
Why do guys have their legs spread while girls have one on anothler?
lol um.. i was just kind of curious why.
Don't criticize.. :P
Theres probably a bunch of reasons why, im guessing.
Testicles for men and lack of for women.
Why do women and young girls who don't keep their legs closed get so offended when they're called out on it?
I'm so tired of hearing girls complain and pay the victim when they get pregnant or get an STD if they would not keep their legs closed! I know so many girls who just go around and have sex with guys that aren't even their boyfriends! What's up with girls getting on their knees and sucking a guy's dick that they just met or only met once!!? Why are so many girls going out, meeting guys, and spreading their legs more than a cheap hooker now days!? It disgusts me! Girls like this are giving women a bad name! You guys look like real dumb asses when you say "I can do what I want. I'm single. Guys do it so I should be able to" oh because you look so much better telling everyone that you're lacking in integrity! The guys they do this for are nasty and go around messing with different girls all the time! They probably have STDs! Then they complain and whine if they get pregnant and wonder why a guy doesn't want to support the baby of a whore he hooked up with and used a few times!

If you're the kind of girl who's like this: WHY!!!!? Go ahead, get offended. Maybe it will knock some sense into you
i agree! they should be getting paid for it.
they're being bad business women
Do girls really walk wit htheir legs spread after their first time?
I heard of this one before. Is it really true?
Depends on the size of the JOKING! Although the following day that I lost my virginity, my mother came to me and said she could tell that I lost my virginity by the way I walked.. My legs werent spread like you are thinking, but it was pretty hard to walk "normal". That was the most painful thing that I have ever felt...WHEW! lol
Why do girls that like you sit with their legs open?
why do they say one of the strongest sexual signals a girl can display is sitting with their legs open? and if she sits beside you and puts her legs on the desk in front of you and spreads her legs does that count?
hahaha, i just find it comfortable, guys don't like sitting with their legs crossed right? whenever i sit down i go cross legged, throw my legs up on the desk etc. its just COMFY i didn't even think about those sexual messages! haha please no guys jump me!

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