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Does anyone remember a movie where these boys put chili powder in this other guys underwear?
It was a comedy i remember watching when i was younger. All I remember is This geek in the locker room and when his back was turned, these guys put chili powder in his underwear. Then he ran outside wearing nothing but a towel and jumped on top of a drinking fountain. I just can't remember the title or any of the actors. Nothing... Figures its all i'd remember lol
Lucas-Corey Haim

Lucas is a promising guy, bright, inquisitive, knowledgeable, industrious, but for a boy aged 14 those qualities don't count for much socially, his daily life in high school is a brave but hopeless struggle against cruel ridicule (nicknamed 'leukoplakia') and abuse on account of his frail figure, 'miniature' size and athletic ineptitude, while any demonstration of precocious erudition is frowned upon by his ignorant, dumber peers and seniors, fortunately with one remarkable exception: the studly football team captain, generally known as Cappie, gallantly protects the 'shrimp' and as soon as he gets to know Lucas appreciates his mind and courage, eager to learn from him. The arrival of an attractive new girl in his school and neighborhood proves a mixed blessing: Maggie becomes his best friend and companion, admiring his many talents, but inevitably she soon falls for Cappie the other way, so now his 'big brother' and protector seems little Lucas's rival, however hard the hunk tries to stay friends
Why do women seem comfortable and cute putting on guys underwear but we look and feel pretty silly in a bra?
and panties especially if its silky and lacey?

Does this have to do with how are society raises us or something else?
* Blink Blink...

so you wanna wear womens underwear?

ok go ahead...I dont care.
While doing laundry last night I was folding my guys underwear and noticed the hanes brand seemed to not hold ?
hold up as well at the elastic waist as compared to the fruit of the loom brand. Normally, I would just switch brands all together for him, but I have this thing where I see the fruit of the loom guys in my head if he wears them in bed and I can't stop laughing, how do I tell him I'm not laughing at his wee wee, it's the fruit of the loom guys without sounding crazy.
I think you just need to tell him that. He'll think it's cute. He'll also think you're crazy. He'll think you're cute and crazy so watch out. But do it, anyways.
If you tore your guys underwear and he asked to wear a pair of your silky granny undies home what would you?
say or do ? LOL! I'm still in shock!
If they are the silky ones from Hanes with lace at the top, they do feel kind of good to a guy, they just look a little silly on us though!
I like looking guys underwear anywhere, the locker room, the hall, in class, is that bad?
I like seeing wht people r wearing and I like it when they r wearing Abercrombie or Hollister underwear.
I don't see a problem about it really. Just watch out, some guys might think you're a weirdo/gay.
Are girls obsessed with guys underwear?
OK I've been dating this girl for a while - we haven't had sex as I don't believe in it. But she was over at my apartment and she didn't realize I could see her in another room and she was digging through my clothes sniffing my underwear. Do all women do this? Why?
That's a blatant sign of desperation.
What do you think is the best type of men's underwear? (Guys and girls answers please)?
Which type of men's underwear do you prefer? Men, do you find one type better than the others in terms of comfort, space, etc? Girls, do you prefer seeing guys in a pair of boxers or in some briefs?
so of course when i was younger, i had tighty whities. then in middle school i started wearing boxers. and now that i'm an adult, i've swtiched to boxer briefs and find them to be the best thing ever. they have some of that snugness that tighty whities provide without the horrible look and have the cut and shape of boxers that i like so much without bunching up like normal boxers do. they are so comfortable, they have a nice look (i think that briefs just looks funny and that boxers are too poofy) and your *** looks good to the ladies because boxer briefs hug the contour of it.
Are girls jealous of the underwear guys get to wear? Is that why they are always borrowing them?
We have better stuff!
You notice you will never see a guy in girls underwear!
don't think so

guys must think they have wonderful underwear. with all the saggy jeans they sure show it off a lot!
I was wondering what the best style and name brand of underwear guys like and what girls like on a guy?
im a guy in high school and i want to know what underwear i should. now i wear american egale boxers and boxer- briefs i also hav hanes boxer-birefs... i want t get a different name brand but i dont know what to get?i was also wondering what the popular guys underwear is for a guy high school?
im 20 and my boyfriend only owns the tight fabric boxer shorts and only in calvin Klein. When i found out that he only wore that brand i found it so attractive. it was a deal sealer for the relationship !!! they look wicked when the calvin klein band peeks out of his jeans. SO hot! don't wear satin boxes or briefs they are so gross!

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