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All Comments

How do you cut a homemade video off a webcam in half so I can put it on Youtube?
Ok me and my friend just made a 18 minute video and we want to cut it into two 9 minute videos but the standard windows movie maker won't let us. We are on Vista.
I use Windows Movie Maker for all my videos and apparently it's also available on Vista. It should come with your package.

Just open the program, Import the video under Movie tasks- capture video and double click on it so it shows in the right-hand window. Press play. At the bottom of that window there's also a button that allows you to cut the video at any juncture you choose. Now you'll have both in the middle of the page. Drag the half you want to the bottom of the page to the Storyboard. You can add music, narration or whatever else you desire. To save to your computer go to Finish Movie, Save to my Computer and it will save it under your videos automatically unless you choose another destination file. I can upload these videos onto Youtube, Blogger and Forums.

Thanks Drake I'll check out Sony Vegas too!

Posting movies on myspace?
can someone give me instructions for posting a homemade movie (taken with a webcam) on a myspace page?
details appreciated
you're going to have to post it up on youtube or on myspace video and then just get the codes from the video and paste it wherever you want it to be on myspace.
Is there any way to show a movie to friends over msn, without a webcam??
Just random little homemade clips
You can just get the file in your computer (unless it already is) then send them the file through msn.
How do you put effects on a home made video?
ok i be on youtube and see people like when they make there homemade videos they do effects like it will keep repeating what the said or you know just effects to make it funny . how do i do that on mines if i record it from my webcam ? do i have to download some kind of software ?
and when i use movie maker it dont seem to have all the effects i need.
Windows Movie Maker should work just fine for making homemade videos.

It has plenty of effects like:

-Slow down "half speed"
-Speed up "double speed"

All you need to do is play around in the software until you get to know it and understand it.
That's what it takes to become creative.

Also, make sure that you are editing in the timeline (story board) not anything else...

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