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What are some household items that can be sex toys ?
I am a 16 year old girl and I cant get any sex toys so I was wanting to know if there is any household items I can use. Thanks.
Well, I think online shopping can fit your need better for varied causes. Buying sex toys online not only save your time, but also save your money and energy.

I do purchase sex toys online, I prefer XMYBOX - one of the most famous and safest website that sells adult sex toys. Just go and have a look, I'm sure you will be satisfied!

But if you really can not purchase anything online, I suggest you use a cucumber or eggplant with reasonable shape(you know what I mean). Remember to use a condom for protect you from being hurt if you choose to use those things. LOL
What are some good ways to make anal sex toys with household items ie. a prostate massager?
i am 16, i have used my finger several times and it feels great, but i want something the i can really get in there and work around ya no. so please help me tell me what to use and prefferably how it feels ;) HELP!!! :)
Use a hairbrush handle. One of the smooth types, with nothing sharp or too pointed on the end.

Something like so:…

Lube it up well, with some gel or hand cream and you're good to go.... Experiment carefully with different shapes and sizes.
Recommended household items to use as sex toys?
sometimes i get sick of using sex toys. i was just wondering if anyone could recommend any household items i could use to pleasure myself with? Or websites.
.Handcuffs, my gf is a security guard
What are good household sex toys?
not like a pocket pussy

but something i can put in my @ss holes
Candles, carrots, handle of a screwdriver. Sometimes (single) flowers come with a plastic tube on the stem to keep them in water, I tried one of those once. (The tube, not the flower.)

Or, you're kinda cute so you could keep me around your household if you want. ;)
What are good household items for sex toys?
If you are into BDSM almost any item can be a sex toy:

. Belt, Hairbrush, Wooden spoon, Slippers, High heels and so on
What can be sex toys as common household items?
i need to tell my twin friends. one is a boy and one is a boy. they want to know what common houslehold items can be used as sex toys???
hairbrush, toliet plunger, or anything dick shaped. or if your looking to screw something, try humping the covers, a hot tomato or just watching good porn
What common household items are also fun sex toys?
What about a water bottle?
popsicles lol and ice cubes
What household items could i use as sex toys?
im 14 so i can't buy a sex toy but i am willing to try stuff that no-one would suspect (though i'm alone alot) got any ideas?

p.s. i've already tried: shower head,vibrating tooth brush,and brush handle so leave thouse out please.
If it is an orgasm you are barking up the wrong tree. You will need to stimulate the get that. A vibrator will do it. Very easily. Anything that vibrates...won't take long.
What household items can be used as sex toys?
I am a girl. I want something non-penetrable, but pleasing.
The water that comes out of the tub faucet. Lay down and scooch up as far as possible. Let the water run on your clit...that will do the trick. Also, if you have a removeable shower head you can use that to. Change the speed of the water flow to give you different effects. The clit is the best way to achieve an orgasm.

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