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All Comments

Hunky hunks of P&S: Is it true that if you don't warm it up right, it won't rise?
I think you would know that very well
What is the origin of the term "hunky dory"? Like if everything is good you say its hunk dory?
Just curious. It sounds like two very strange words to put together.
This American term was known from 1862 when it appears to have been a relatively new coining.

Unfortunately there seems to be no clear account of its origin
Would a girl get tired of living with super hunks who could only make out with her?
Like girls next door but with one girl and lots of hunky guys!
Would I get tired of super hunks who live to make out with me. Hmmmm....I think not.
Where can I find stories of fat or skinny people that become hunky?
I'm looking for stories of people who turn from chunk to hunk. I'll be better if they're pics posted too. Thanks.
Here's my pictures... not much of a story to go with it though, just diet, exercise and weight training.
What can I call him to stroke his ego?
My bf is away and I'm busy sending him a message, I want to call him something that would put a smile on his face (or make him blush - in a good way), I always say handsome, hunky hunk and my studmuffen..

Any other ideas?
call him big boy and say you cant wait to stroke his lil pecker
What are some synonyms for "stud" (as in a hunky man)?
Calling my boyfriend "stud" in my texts to him is getting old. He seems to have tons of names for me, but I don't wanna reuse his. Things like gorgeous and beautiful are great and all, but they're a little too girly. He's a man's man and needs something more descriptive of such....

Any ideas?

Already used: stud, hunk, stud muffin, babe, sexy, beautiful...
How bout: sexy beast, tiger, Mr. Fantastic (In Bed...Lol!), Captain Awesome (you can switch awesome with "hottie", gorgeous, etc.), hot rod, hottie, hot stuff, beef cake, smoking, Mcsteamy, daddy (careful w/ this one, some people really don't like it), dime (slang for a person who scores a 10 on the scale of hotness), mancandy, bonerific...I would go on but it only gets dirtier from here, haha.

Hope that helps!
Aren't you gonna miss that hunky President George Bush?
I am sure gonna miss that sexy hunk of authority now he's gone. It was great having a president who could also easily be a model. He's a hunky cowboy from Texas. But he isn't just a pretty face, he's also extremely intelligent and very enlightened on foreign affairs.

So, one last time, let's hear it for George Studly Bush!
Yea baby! Um hm he's soooooo sexy.....He makes me want to ......wait.........gag!
Whats the correlation between Magnum P.I and that gay old man? Isnt being gay a sin according to God?
or is that Maggies father? Magnums quite a hunky hunk?
Are we refering to a TV series here? I'm Lost (season 6). :-P
Would you rather buy a chocolate bar named a "Hunk Bar" or a "Hunky-monkey bar"?
I have a bet going
hmm haha this is hard probably Hunk Bar
About the plot of PASSIONS soap opera, hunks..please answer?
i wanna know if the plot, the history, of PASSIONS makes any sense or there ONLY are muscle shirtless hunks. i ask this cuz i am from argentina and i cant see this soap. i met ADRIAN BELLANI, who i love him, in , he is so hot and hunky..also jesse metcalfe..please answer me
I have been watching it from day one so yes it makes sense to me. It also don't hurt that the guys are hot.

And it is not a lame show.

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