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How to become a lingerie / swimwear model, teen?
hi, i'm 16 going on 17. 18 next year, i want to be a tasteful lingerie model and my mum is fine with this as you need parents approval age 16 - 18 can anyone give me advice, thanks
You can submit some photos to a model scout and she can direct you to some real nice prospects. Also, Teen Vogue uses a lot of youthful models in there mag. Hope I helped some
Could I model for lingerie?
Could I model for teen lingerie? I'm one in the left- wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants.
It's hard to say without knowing how toned your body is underneath your clothes.
Is it ok for teen girls to pose in lingerie?
I mean as a modeling career? I mean like 13-16 yr olds in bras n undies. Is that ok? I mean once I tone up I want to do that and see if I can become a lingerie model by the time I am 18. Right now, I just want to feel sexy and have confidence because all females want to be sexy, right? I'm 15. If that's a problem. I know some who won't take me. I really would like the opportunity to pose nude and do poses in lingerie. I mean I hope it boost my confidence even more. It just right now, I feel so ugly inside and just want to reveal myself as a sexy girl. That's all.
not okay and straight up not legal
tis guydie porn under 18
Can anyone tell me the ups and downs of being a model & if the following is acceptable...?
i am 13 years old, turning 14 in 7 months. i REALY want to be a model! whether it's teen modeling, half nude, lingerie, ANYTHING. i have taken almost every sport so my body is fit for it. I am 120 pounds, i am 5'2" and my back sorta arches. i am pale and have dark brown hair & eyes. i want to get a nose job, and maybe breast implants if i DID become a model. would i be able to get this stuff done if i were a model?
i have written a whole list of things i want to fix. models, models-in training, please help.
It takes a lot to become a model! It actually cost money to try out.
I have had people from model agency's ask me to be one.
I turn them down
because they always want you to be super skinny and make you loose a lot of weight.
Does anybody know the names of these gorgeous Argentine models?
They are always in the Marcela Koury catalog…
they look like plain white americans
Could I be a model????????????/?
Could I be a model? I'm 20 but my face looks young- so maybe I can model for teen clothes or lingerie. (not in runway- but in catalogs) Maybe I can also model for makeup. I'm the girl in the pink shirt:
Yes! You have that fresh, beautiful girl-next-door look. And you have a very pretty smile.
Too old to model?
Is 22 too old to start runway/editorial swimsuit/lingerie modeling, or even glamor modeling? I know for the former, many girls start early, in there mid teens. Would I be too old for good agencies to consider?
You are fairly long in the tooth for the modeling world.

Kind of like a 40 year old gymnast.
Model materiall? Opinions.?
i'm 14, 15 the end of august. i'm competing for Miss Jr. Teen Tennessee in September. I love being in the spotlight. when I turn 18 i want to be a glamour model. like lingerie & swimsuit and/or Playboy. i'm 5'8", 34B, i have a 28 inch waist & 41 inch hips. i have broad shoulders so i have like an hourglass figure. i have a naturally large frame & athletic body. everyone says im "slim." what do you guys think? no stupid a** answers please. thankkkks! :)
Since you're only 14, I really shouldn't say anything, but yes, you'd be a very good model.
Anyone wants to read a new Shojo manga?
i am working on a short story manga, and i was wondering if anyone wanted 2 read it. I plan to have 2 links that lead to either Deviant art or so that way the public can view it. The comic itself will be inked and lettered by the way, and i just might color the pages as well X>. I'm doing this because i want to get an opinion from an unbiased group of peeps

Rose Qy is an 18 year old model for "2Cute" and "Romance Guy"'s fashion magazine and clothing line. "2Cute" is a worldwide famous teen and young adult clothing store of high fashion. "Romance Guy" is a lingerie fashion industry that also has a weekly magazine that comes out. Each magazine always has a 3-page spread love story that uses the models to describe the story almost like a regular novel with pictures in it.

Rose is also dating her long time, guyhood love (since she was 13) Teken Abhor. Teken is a 19 year old college student that majors in business. While Rose models, Teken is in class, so at times Teken has a few doubts about Rose because he fears that she might fall for one of the guys she photographs with. Of course, over and over again, Rose always told Teken that he has nothing to worry about. But and upcoming "bedroom" photo shoot for "Romance Guy" with one of the hottest male models in fashion leaves Teken second guessing.

yes and i must say that this comic will be a little risqué with a couple of scenes but it will be good i promise. If you guys have any questions about the comic email me at Also after you have read it email me as well, let me know what you think of my art work.
Alright, I'm going to tell you now that I'm not trying to be mean. Just, er, giving some advice.

The first paragraph is good for a shojo manga. However, you will lose about 9/10s of your readers the second the realize she already has a boyfriend. If that's what you want, fine, but most of the fun in a shojo manga is the interaction between the two main characters, and if they're already dating, it's like there's no fight left in 'em.

If you do plan on having them date from the beginning, try putting some sort of actual conflict in the summary. Every guy worries about his girl when she's with attractive men. Nothing new, nothing creative. Also, girls sometimes dislike those sort of guys who can't trust their girlfriend even though she's never betrayed him and she's been doing it for a while. (Again, though, I suggest you start them out as friends, not all lovey-dovey.)

As for your art.. it's not particuarly bad, but it's not really mature enough. It's much too cartoony/guyish, especially for this sort of plot. You may need to practice quite a bit more. (Also, try not to use colored pencil for cover art. Watercolors are typically favored, or anything with a smoother look).

In any case, I hope you consider some of this, though whether or not you apply it is your business. (Also, if this answer shows up twice, I had redo it on my main account.) Good luck ^-^
Is this Halloween costume too suggestive?
So I am 19 years old. I am still living at home with my parents. This Saturday my friends are having a Halloween party and I have to find a costume to wear. I've noticed that pretty much all the girls my age (and even younger girls) are going in a "sluttier" direction with their costumes this year. I'll admit that some of them are really cute......but I am personally trying to avoid looking like a stripper this Halloween. I know that my boyfriend and I will probably end up stopping at his house before the party. He also lives with his parents, so I wouldn't want to be dressed like a hooker in front of his mother and father anyway. However: I do want to wear something cute. I feel that I am old enough to wear a more "mature" costume. So I've been going over different costume ideas in my head. I was thinking of being a Victoria's Secret Angel. I would wear a T-shirt and sweat pants from Victoria's Secret, and a pair of big feathery wings. Then I would curl my hair like the models do, and I am tall so I could really make myself look like an Angel from the commercial (just minus the lingerie). I would be completely covered up in all of the right places, but I wouldn't feel set apart from the usual teen crowd on Halloween night. Basically, I am just looking for some feedback. Do you guys think it's too suggestive? Or maybe you have some better's getting really close to Halloween and I need to have my costume ready. Thanks for your input! (:
Unless the party is for Puritans, there is nothing suggestive about sweats and a t-shirt.

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