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Mature adults only!!?
I am planning to do a striptease (not so much of the tease part lol) for my husband but I do not have a song to dance to and I cant think of one. I would like to dance to a song that is smooth and sexy and not a song previously danced to by a stripper in a movie. I would also like the singer to be by a woman or no lyrics at all. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks.


Does anyone else strongly dislike Beyonce?
Beyonce has lied several times about songs she claims to have written. It's not that hard to figure out. All you have to do is listen to the songs that uses a mass vocabulary; words with more than 3 syllables, and the way they are woven together. Beyonce doesn't even have a h.s. diploma, and has been groomed on how to *** shake and sing, and hasn't been able to do anything else. She's freaking dumb! There is no way an uneducated striptease singer has the mentality to write alot of those songs I've heard from her. She's damn near 30 and still stuck in that, "booty bumble gum" teenage world. She's getting older, but her brain is still 15. Therefore, she cannot THINK to make her songs sound more mature. It makes perfect sense. She wrote ALL her songs as a teenager, but can't do it now because writing like a mature adult will take reading, schooling, etc. And who has time for an education when you have a booty and can live your dream of being a rich, ***-shaking dummy?

We all know this girl is ONLY famous for shaking her behind and popping her coochie. Sure she tries to glam up once in a blue moon by donning in elegant ball gowns while singing a couple of beautiful ballads such as "beautiful" and "eva maria".. Sorry but singing one or two ballads while wearing a modest long ball gown DOES NOT make you CLASSY or SOPHISTICATED. How can it?! While the other 363 days of the year she popping it, shaking it, and wearing hooker skimpy outfits to complement her stripper routine.

She is so overplayed and outdone. Her glory days of DC and Dangerously in Love are long gone and over with. She's 27 (3 years from 30) and still singing about "freak em dresses", "single ladies", "upgrade you", and "diva" nonsense... The fact that she brought the song "if I were a boy" from a 19 year old singer speaks volumes to her lack of creativity and mature mental capabilities.
I don't like the fact she keeps swagger-jackin artist. Every other month, there's a new article on something ELSE she stole.
Married women - why are you shy / embarrased .....?
I had an interesting discussion the other night with my wife. I asked her WHY she was so shy / embarrased durring certain acts in the bedroom or when undressing / etc....

We (at MY urging) are trying to re-light the heat in the bedroom, so I suggested a striptease, get out her ol' toy / etc...

She stated that she is reluctant to do so, because she is embarrased about it !! I asked if it was her being self-consious about her body, she said no - embarrased by the "act". She also now refuses to engage in certain positions (69 for example) that we used to enjoy regularly citing the same reason. She states that "I guess I've just matured out of that type of thing."

Has ANYONE else ran into this issue ? How do you overcome it ?

For Pete's sake - we've been married 11+ years, and I've seen her give birth.

Why would someone in a loving, committed, relationship be "embarrased" by such things? Or is this just an excuse for not wanting to do them? If so - why the change?
I see some embarrassed issue here that she will not tell you about...let's face it...11 years, guyren, our bodies look different...we are not stupid...we know it!!! Do we want to admit it??? Does anyone???

Instead of trying to gently force her, tell her that you think she is beautiful. Don't get too sappy about it cause we know the difference. You need to make her believe that she is beautiful to you...not a sex object...a beautiful woman. When she feels more secure about herself things should change.

Your obvious approach is not working so why not try something else???

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