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I exchanged in flirting online with another guy... anyone else?
I've always been BIG on the internet, like always had blogs and chat since I was an early teen. I'm in my mid 20's now and soon to be married.

This was BEFORE being engaged but with the same guy.

Well, almost 2 years ago, in one of the chats I've had, I got to know another guy after a few months. He lives on the other side of the world! I sent a ton of face shots of different fun expressions or flirty expressions and eventually our online encounters got a little more intense.

But... to be honest... I was playing with him. Perhaps he was playing with me also. I just wanted to see how far he would go. I never bared all, but showed close ups of my underwear or tried to make it look like I had bare shoulders, etc. No face showing in the risque pictures!!
He sent me nudes eventually, and that is when I laughed and became intrugued... felt empowered that I could make a stranger do this (and boy, for someone who's been on the net so long, how the hell did it take me so long to find this out??)

I certainly don't feel empowered anymore!

I continued sending nothing more than random every day things and some happy smily face shots hoping to cool down the chats and eventually stop talking to him. This happened, but not after him sending more nude and crude pictures. Eventually I just started ignoring him and we stopped chatting. It's been nearly 2 years now.

I feel SO disgusting!! I felt in control at the time, but now that time has passed it's like... was I for real with that? Why the heck did I engage in that? He wasn't even all that attractive! I just liked the "excitement," something was happening in my life. I even thought about episodes of Sex & the City and how they always had all these crazy dates. I just wanted that "crazy experience," where I was in my early 20's, before I was engaged... and dear lord would I NEVER do any of this in person. I get really uncomfortable around other guys, and I'm not a good flirt at all.

I want to forgive myself. I keep telling myself "you know what? Maybe years into marriage you're going to feel a little bored... a little lonely... a little yearning for more affection or something new... and you'll know that this road is NOT the one to take, and to engage in healthy interests."

I look around me and I see people that have halos on their heads. Has no one else flirted intensely or crossed lines while in a relationship?

I have matured so much since this incident that it makes me feel sick. Just a fun thing at the time and now an obsessive regret.
Yes, you screwed up. We all screw up. None of us have a halo. You are probably eaten apart with guilt because it's a secret you continue to keep from your husband - which makes you feel like you're committing a tiny sin each day you continue in silence.

So what did you do exactly? You had a need for excitement. It wasn't being filled in your marriage. So you looked outside. There was nothing wrong with craving excitement. There was nothing wrong with seeking to fill that excitement. The mistake you made was filling that need for excitement in a sexual way with someone else.

There are tons of people in the world that will have a full blown affair for that same reason. There are also tons of people who instead take a trip to a special store with their significant other and buy a new toy!

So I think you have a need for excitement that isn't being met. Focus on your husband and try to think of ways to spice things up. Be creative! If you really love each other, you can always find a way to put a spark back into it.

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