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Perfect legs?
you know how some people [like me] my legs are one color and my knees are a darker shade.
and u know how celebrities have perfect color legs through out?
how do i get that? any suggestions?
Perfect Legs?
The skin on my legs is really nasty. It's sort of patchy and has little red and purple dots all of it (NOT from shaving, I had them before I started shaving)

Some people have very even skin on their legs, but I really don't and it's very unflattering, I constantly wear flesh coloured tights during summer.

Any suggestions?
Sounds like Eczema. Simple treatments including serious moisturising. Use E45. and lots of sun block, as it could be sun damage.
Hopefully your skin will clear up, but leg makeup (eg Sally Hansen Perfect Legs) will cover it up, but be careful, as it could worsen a serious skin condition.
How do i get the perfect legs?
I've always hated my legs and i've always wanted the legs of the models that are so perfect. So i was just wondering what exercises i could do to tone up and make my legs more skinny.
Thanks if you answered! xx
If you do not have a barbell use dumbbells and if you do not have dumbbells, you can still work out with no weights. To tone your legs, you also need to do cardio. For awesome looking legs, you will want to do squats, deadlifts, and calf exercises. The deadlift will workout your glutes(butt) and hamstrings. The squat will work out your quadriceps and calfs. Then you can isolate your calfs by doing calf raises. Lift weights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and run a few miles on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Also make sure you have a healthy diet. Go out with friends and drink once a week, get rid of all the fast food, if you smoke(cigarettes), sodas, and get rid of all the greasy food. Eat 6 six small meals a day. Good luck!!!
How to get perfect legs for...?
I have a sixth form prom next week where I am wearing a dress which goes down to my knees, I am really conscious of my legs and would really love perfect legs for the night!

What can I do to make them look and feel great?

Thanks in Advance!
well wax/shave them so they are smooth
moisturise a lot so they become shiny
so some exercises that tone them
then u get luvely legs
gud luk
How can i get perfect shaved legs without little dark spots where my hairs come out?
what is the best razor you have used and makes you get perfect looking legs?
i can't seem to get rid of the little dark sots where my hairs come from my legs (pores) and it looks horrible when i wear shorts or skirts.

do i need to exfoliate my legs before i shave, do i need a certain razor, and do i always need to use shaving gel?
u shouldnt get black spots until 2-3 days, try waxing or VEET. i use baby oil(smoother my legs wit it)_ when ever i shave my legs
How do you get perfect hairless legs?
I use veet and everytime i use it I can still see my hair where they were. Yet they feel perfectly smooth. I have dark hair too. So even though i shave them i am still embarrassed because they look like that. I wanna see only my perfect toned skin instead of black hair spots on my legs. Please help
Waxing is very painful, but you will feel good.
One thing that it crucial - exfoliate!
Your new skin will grow over the hair follicles and when they start coming back in, it has to pierce the new skin to get out - and ouch!
So exfoliate and that won't happen.
How can I get the perfect legs, and stomach?
My legs are terrible. There are scars all over from bug bites and I have little bumps that my mom told me come off if I just rub while showering? But I don't think she knows what she's talking about.. and cellulite, I have that. And I'm so white! Also, I've got a big butt. I've got a gut too. I'm not fat, at all. But I do have a bit of a gut. Basically what I'm asking is how can I get an awesome body by summer?
Do a little bit of cardio exercise like walking on a treadmill for a half hour or just walk around your neighborhood. You can do some weight training like squats for your butt, and going up and down stairs is good, just when you try and tone up, be REALLY patient. (; <3 As for the whole white leg thing, I feel for you lol. My legs are wicked white and I used this tanning lotion and it didn't work....But don't go tanning either, unless you wanna have aligator skin when you're older LOL.

If you have any questions you can email me <3
How to make my legs look perfect?
I have a few scars/rasor bumps/and random like purple bruises on my legs. :/
im going on a vacation in march and i want them to look perfect! im already going to tanning beds, but how do i lose the scars and stuff? i want smooth and sexy legs?!
Drug stores will have products such as 2nd Skin and Bio Oil that you can use to minimize the appearance of scars.
How do u get the perfect legs? the one that look all one tone?
i am asian. so ppl say that my legs are like this cuz u can see the hairs under my skin cuz their black. all my ( white) friends look like they have the same beautiful tone all around. how do i get my legs like that?!
i suggest tanning, and walking really helps to tone ur legs. If u do not want to wax use a razor called Venus it has 4 blades and shaves well and leaves no razor burn, make sure you soak for a while in a hot bath b4 u shave this may also help the visiblity of ur hair and instead of shaving gel (which has alcohol in it and dries ur skin) use conditioner as shaving gel!!! I swear by all this and get told i have great legs all the time!!!
What can i do to craft the perfect runningback (RB) legs?
So i play high school football but the season is now over. next year i want to play runningback instend of Tightend, fooball ifs my life i will do everything it takes and put every ounce of my heart in to do it. i wanna make it in this sport more than anything! how can i craft the perfect runningback legs?
I was in the exact same position a couple years ago. I always had trouble with gaining sufficient leg strength, but I had a great speed. What will likely help you is Squats and powercleans, and Running 40's over and over. Although none of these sound appealing, and they all make you sore, these three workouts (particularly squats) will provide you with "good runningback legs". You have to stay consistent though, a week off will set you back two weeks, I can't stress that enough. Keep your head on, and don't let yourself make excuses. Good luck to you and protect your knees.

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