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This girl tells me that she has size 40D breasts. Is that sexy breasts or not that great?
I am wondering if a girl has a size 40D breasts, would that be considered sexy or what. I am a breasts type of guy. I love them when they are plumped up and round and hard and sexy. I love them lifted. I don't know would this girl be considered very hot or not really. Let me know. Thanks
You know what you like, yet you need to ask whether or not you'll like something.
Also, you should try to understand what the number and letter mean.
How to be sexy with small breasts?
I am a 34A with slightly proportionate breasts {like any woman} but I don't like my nipples. They puff out kind of and it makes me very self conscious. Is it normal for them to do that? Any tips on how to look sexy with small breasts, a big *** and a small waist would be greatly appreciated
Just be yourself and realize that lots of people (men and women) find small breasts incredibly sexy!

Besides, you will remain feeling sexy into old age because your small breasts won't sag the same way that large breasted ladies have to deal with.

Don't "hide" your breasts and don't make them a focal point but dress nice and put on a smile and you are well on your way to complete sexiness.

As others have said, it is not your breasts that define you. It is your personality and the way you treat others. If you have a great personality and you are kind to people, you will have a lot of admirers. If, on the other hand, you have a bad personality or you are always mean to people, the only guys who will go after you are only interested in sex and not you.

The tip on the nude color nipple stickers may help you with your self conscious, too.

All the best to you!
Full hips and full breasts are sexy. What do you think?
Its is never a boring sight to see a woman with full hips and full breasts wearing a sexy outfit.
Agreed! Women need to be healthy and real.
I don't condone being overweight, but I'm all for a girl who is real, confidence ad curvaceous.
Where can girls with a big breasts buy sexy lingerie?
I went online to buy some lingerie - not just bra's and underwear but more costumes and fantasy outfits. They arrive and fit fine in the body but the boobs are made for girls with a 32B cup size.

I've got big boobs - where can I find outfits that cater to my cup size?
katie price has a range at asda! they start from a d cup :) xx
Why female breasts are considered sexy?
those are milk glands for babies, but why they are considered sexy by men? why women protect them and dont show them, why this is a tabboo in many societies, but i have seen in some cultures in Africa women don't care much about their breasts and men also ignore them? why?
Since they are 'hidden' they automatically become something people want more, or want to see more. You answered your question yourself.. in africa, some women wander around topless.. it becomes something you see almost everyday, thats why it's very casual. If you go to a muslim country and a girl wearing shorts or a short skirt is considered very sexy (and of course bad!). Why? Because you dont get to see much legs since most women are modestly covered.
Same goes for butt, and other private areas. The more protected and less often seen.. the more people want them and like them.
Are small breasts sexy to men?
Are small breasts in themselves ever sexy? Does anyone PREFER them? We're talking 30AA-34B sizes here.

It seems small breasts don't get much attention compared to medium to large sizes, and people make rude comments about women with small breasts (ie. comparing them to boys). Does anyone think they are actually better, or check out small breasts?

And no cop-out answers like "the personality is what counts" or "some men are butt men".
Yes, they are usually extremely beautiful - my wife is in the AA(A..) department, and it was actually the first thing I noticed about her.

First reaction: "What! Can girls have that smal breasts? Better check again..."

30 secs later: "This is too wild - pure concentrated magic - and fit her so well - she must be a goddess of sorts ;o)"

She was much more difficult than the other girls to get close to at first, though :o(

But yes the special attraction of the smallest breasts is hard to describe - but some like "more concentrated, more intense, more saturated"...

But I think you are right - the guy has to quit pussy-footing around with stuff "oh, but it doesn't matter, because I love you"...

He should just really say how he feels. ;o)
Can little breasts ever be sexy?
I am a small B cup. I have a pretty small frame, but my breasts are by no means big. I've always felt unfeminine because of it. So, my question for the men out there is... how important is cup size? Can a woman with small breasts ever be as sexy as a woman with large breasts? Is there an ideal size?
as long as its not an antbite, small breast can be sexy, as long as theirs some hand squeezing possible. dont worry, there are some really flat chested females out there so a b cup is by no means unfeminine or not attractive
Whats a sexy bra that my breasts won't fall out?
I want to wear a sexy bra in bed but without my boobs falling out all over the place. Is there such a thing?
if its the right size your boobs shouldn't fall out of any bra. unless perhaps you're jumping about. which I guess could be possible ;-)
these sexy bras have really good reviews, so are worth a try.……
What is a sexy way to say breasts or is that the best word?
What do you men out there think? If you got a text and it said " I want you to put your hand on my -----------"
Is breasts the best word? The others seem crass..but what do guys like as that word?
why?would you do it???

i think boobs is better
Guys, do you find small breasts sexy?
Ok, I have breasts the size of a tennis ball and that kind of makes me feel so shy. I put on wonder bras just to reduce my shame but the truth is that I am embarassed to show my chest.

Are there any guys that find small breasts sexy?
Guys find any breasts sexy.

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