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What's your favorite black lesbian book or novel?
I personally love anything by Fiona Zedde, Skyy or Renee Bess. My favorite book, though, is Water in a Broken Glass by Odessa Rose. What black lesbian book floats your boat?
Black Lesbian Novels? I never knew there was such a thing.


I gotta start living!
What is a good chaser for unflavored skyy vodka?
I want Smirnoff Ice Black Cherry as a chaser but im just not sure what else would go pretty good with that, any suggestions?
What we like to do is get a berry smirnoff, like you mentioned, take a good chug and put a shot of vodka on'll sink. It's delicious! Especially if you have a flavored vodka...

As far is chasers, I'd use Red Bull. It kills the alcohol flavor.
Does anyone know the email of the following pornstars?
Does anyone know the emails of pornstars Gianna Michaels, Flower Tucci, Olivia O'lovely, Kayla kleevage, Cinnamon Love, Daphne Rosen,Pinky, Skyy Black, Beauty Dior, Mya G and Flame?
Yes! They all have the same one! I will give it to you now!
Where can I buy the brooke burke skyy vodka snowboard? ?
She's wearing a black bra and underwear and holding a martini.. I cannot find it anywhere and I really want to get it or something similar!
I haven't seen it but it sounds like it was a promotional item, so I wager there aren't very many of them and that they were never available for retail, so your only recourse will be if on goes up for auction. Alcohol (as well as other) companies frequently produce boards like this for prizes and promotions.

As an alternative, check out the new Burton Love models coming out this season. Saucy.
My husband drinks vodka and oj. It seems that certain vodkas react differently to him.?
Stolyi and Bellvedere make him black out where Skyy and Absolute are fine. Why is that?
there is a difference between grain and potato vodkas, absolut has an oily almost viscous texture describe as silky, while stolichnaya has a clean almost watery texture, he probably prefers one to the other and drinks more of the one he likes

one quick note to mother Vodka is distilled to 190 proof almost pure alcohol and then filtered, the impurities that give lower proof spirits their characteristic flavors, called cogeners, are almost completely distilled out of vodka
Is there a porn star with a bigger butt than cherokee?
I am a huge fan of cherokee and skyy black but I gotta know if there is a porn star with a bigger butt than cherokee. If there is I have to see it
Check out the "Adult DVD Forum." Those guys would know.

Good luck!
Hey, does ne1 kno the name of an old PBS show about puppet like guys. The "asian" boys name was Skyy!! was a show on PBS guys and it was these pupphet guys. NOT sesame street or fraggle rock. They were pupphets but strings. But i clearly remember there was a boy like yellow colored so proabably "asian" and his name was Skyy and he liked to Garden. He would always go up the stairs and talk to his plants and take care of them. There was a black girl and some other white characters too. But i vividly remember Skyy liked plants and he was always calm and tranquil. I lhave been searching for the name of this show for YEARS. and it's not "under the umbrella tree" either. PLEASE guesses would be appreciated. Im from Chicago, IL and my local channel was WTTW 11, but still it was PBS guys. It was on prolly..1994-1997ish?. Im 18 so I was about 5 yrs old in kindergarden when it was on.
It was called "The Puzzle Place" and Skye was Apache (Native American) not Asian. There was an Asian puppet. Her name was Julie. Attached is the info on the show from Wikipedia.…

I used to watch that show and I'm 36 years old. Isn't it sad how adults love guy shows? lol

P.S. For some strange reason they have Skye listed as a girl but he was definitely a boy.
Hottest ebony pornstar?
Mine's Aryana Starr, Skyy Black, and Kelly Starr.
Jada Fire is hella sexy
How do I make it clear to these 3 not to talk to me?
Ok I used to attend Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church.There were these 3 females,Lorraine,Monique,and Skyy who used to love to pick on me when I was there and they pick with others.I developed anorexia and bulimia as a result.I changed churches after 2 years and I like it at Apostolic Church of God. I am in the First Service Sanctuary choir.Every year the First and Second Service Sanctuary choir has to sing at my old church.I am bracing myself to sing there for the third time with my choir.Everytime I go, these 3 come off like we're such good friends.We're not.They made my life a nightmare when I was there. Monique is Lorraine's daughter and they would just pretty much tag team me.They would just say some off the wall stuff to me.Lorraine talked about my hair.She got mad because her husband brought a box I made from me.She said never to sell her husband anything like that and said she could find Black Opal products for better price at the dollar store.Her husband chose to buy the box.Complain to him.Monique got jealous because I became friends with her best friend and she popped up pregnant out of wedlock so she began lashing out at me.Its not my fault she got pregnant out of wedlock.She was jealous of me and it showed.She embarassed me in front of my Sunday School class.I mean she would just find little things to nitpick at me about. And well everyone has had problems and issues with Skyy.She's a smart mouthed little thing.
Every year I go, they call themselves smiling at me and saying hello to me and trying to make out like we're friends. I just gave them a look and kept on walking.We are not friends.They made my life a nightmare during my 2 years there.They talked about my hair, talked about my goth style(I was really into goth look back then),and Lorraine complained and made me feel really bad about my artistic talents.She got mad at me because her husband brought a box I made filled with men's products from me.It wasn't really expensive.She broke my spirit and I stopped doing art for 3 months.
WHen I go to sing with my choir at my old church I want to make it clear to Lorraine,Skyy,and Monique not to talk to me.Smiling and grinning in my face and coming off like they like me in front of my new friends at my church.Even the choir members at my new church scratched their heads because they know the abuse I suffered at my old church.I don't want these 3 talking to me.Do I just outright say "Don't talke to me!" when they come to me with that friendly act?Do I say "Go away you losers?" Do I say "Talk to the hand." ?
"Talk to the hand"?
No, that is lame.

If they bother you again, say, with a calm but serious tone like it's a fact,
"If you continue your guyish antics, you're all going to end up in hell." & with those words, give a solid fierce look and walk away.

©, skyy black