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WHat are good beginner spanking positions?
My husband has been begging me about letting him spank me, not like punishment, but when i do something bad. I heard him talking to his friend on the phone (the friend who told him about spanking). They were talking about some pretty embarrassing positions, what are some that would be better for me?
dipaer style position google it. its when you lay on your back and put your legs straight up. or military style hands against the wall n butt out. google these
When do you change spanking positions?
At what age (if at all) do you change the position you place your guy in to spank him or her? Is there an age when over the knee is too juvenile?

At home my parents made us to bend over when we were 10 years old.
From age 2 to 10 over the knee bare bottom open hand.
From age 10 to 14 if needed bent over the bed bare bottom with wooden hair brush.
From 14 and on bent over grabbing their ankles bare bottom with a belt.
Does anyone know of any good spanking positions and implements?
If possible could you upload a pic if it would help me understand? I dont want to get into trouble. Thanks. Or email me. If that would be better.
What is your favorite spanking position?
Over the knee? Bent over a chair? Bed? Desk? Sofa? Bent over touching toes? In the woods on a bench? In the woodshed?

Heck, I love them all, but OTK has to be my favorite! :p

Disclaimer: Adult consensual of course.
Over the knee, with an all over rub in between smacks.

Read the question people! The asker says "Heck, I love them all, but OTK has to be my favorite! :p. " Does that remotely resemble corporal punishment???
What is your favorite spanking position?implement?severity?
it is just for fun,and only for female
am taking about sexy spanking or even as a punishment
Just for females? I feel so left out. :( Can't I say how I like to spank females? It's so unfair!

Well, it might not be what you want to hear, but here it is, anyway. :P I simply love putting a girl over my knee and giving her a hard spanking with my hand. These three things make the spanking that much more intimate for me. It doesn't matter if it's for play or punishment (though I prefer play, since it's not for behavior modification). Now, I like other positions and implements, too, but harder is better, regardless. I want to feel that I'm actually doing something. Perhaps that's why I'm so willing to engage in disciplinary and punishment spankings.
Advice on giving adult male a spanking?
What to spank with?What position best for spanking?Where to buy underwear with spank me on the butt or T-shirt with spank me in the front of shirt?
Now, I don't have any experience with spanking males, but the general idea shouldn't be much different from spanking females, so here's my two cents.

If you're inexperienced enough to be asking "how to spank" questions, then you should probably start with your hand. Don't use an implement that you probably won't know how to use properly. Put him across your knees, perhaps on the bed if that's most comfortable.

As for shirts and underwear like that, there are a few sites that sell them, so it shouldn't be hard. I have a few similar items on my store store.
What position do you hold your guy in when spanking?
I was dared at a sleepover to ask this but now I want to know! Also, what is it like spanking someone?
Always over the lap, this is the safest position to spank guyren. You are in control, and they can't wiggle out and possibly get really hurt.
My gf wants me to spank her. How do I do it? What do I use? Any good positions?
she is really into spanking. She wants me to film her bare bottom while i spank it. Any good fun suggestions? Like what can or should i spank her with?
My bf spanks me. Bit if you need to ask how and what, you aren't all the man she wants. Your gf probably won't be with you long. If she wants it, she doesn't want to have to tell you how to do it..........
What muscles do you use to give a spanking?
After a night involving boredom, kinky goodness, an old anatomy textbook and rum, my wife posed an interesting question; which muscles are involved directly in giving a spanking? I suppose it'd be different given the position, but that the variation wouldn't be all that great... Given that her degree is in history and mine is in lit, we're both functionally clueless from a medical standpoint. Please help us answer this bizarre, yet hopefully interesting, question.

Many thanks!
well like in OTK spanking the triceps and biceps do isometric contraction to lock the elbow at certain angle so the hand or paddle will strike where you aim. So bring the arm down from the raised position to the bottom, are the pectoralis major, teri major and latisssiums dorsi. (forgive my spelling). To raise the hand up to the high position is largely the deltoids and the external rotator cuff.

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