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Are any of you teen girls been forced to wear diapers and wet them as well as yourself or is it just a friend?
of mine? thanks for the help.
I am a teen but I am not a girl...but I have heard of diaper punishment via strange peeps on da net..,it has never happened to me or anyone I personally know......I think it is quite odd...I would never use it as a parent...and it doesn't seem to work well from what I have heard.........it just seems to regress the person...sometimes to the point that they actually are like a big helpless baby....like I said I would never use this punishment...I think it is quite cruel
Do most teen girls know how to change diapers? Because my diaper is wet.?
I am wearing a diaper and it is wet, and I would love a teenage girl to change my diaper.
well around were i am every teenager knows how to chnage diapers since we live near or in an AB community, if you ever wanan talk about his more just email or im me, both listed in profile
Is it okay to be a teen and wear diapers?
I am a teenaged girl and I steal my little sisters pull-ups and wear them. I enjoy wearing them to bed and stuff because it is easier than running to the bathroom all the time. I can finally sit and finish a movie or something that takes a while. School has been getting stressful and leaving class to use the bathroom makes me miss a lot. Should I start wearing them in class? How can I hide the noise they make so I wont be embarassed?
Yes, this is ok. There are endless wacky fetishes out there -- many dangerous to society. Wearing a diaper is a pretty small, harmless deal. So enjoy your diapers, little girl :)

As for the sound, try a more cotton diaper. I prefer to wear the very crinkly disposable diapers from the 80s.

Write me and tell me about your diapers.
Teen wears diapers and needs advice?
I staretd off wearing pampers size 7 huggies but i needed something that went higher on my body and something that was more comftorable
so i tried depends adjustables size small
but i was looking for something with those adjustables tapes like on baby diapers
so i tried tranquility diapers but they are noisy and people would know i was wearing a diaper
so i want to try prevail extreme fit diapers.They have the baby sides and everything.and they come in a size small.
I am 17 by the way and 108 pounds and a girl and 5 foot 6.5 if this helps at all
which kind do you recommend and have you ever used prevail
OMG this is a classic!!! i recommend the Opps I crapped my pants types, sold at crappypants.com
Is there a fetish name for liking adult women who dress and act like little girls?
To be more specific, women who have breasts, are over 18 years old, and ARE adults, but dress in like, bright pink clothes, have pigtails and pink ribbons in their hair, and act and talk like they're very young girls. However, I don't mean the kind of people who wear diapers and stuff, that is gross to me, I mean more like acting like a pre-teen girl.
Schoolgirl fetish
Question For Parents?
Parents do some of you make your teens wear diapers for certain things like:
Wet Dreams, Car Trips, Bedwetting?
Car Trips, Bedwetting, Periods?

I ask this because I have a twins a girl and a boy who are both turning 13 and my girl wets the bed. So I was wondering if she should be wearing diapers on long car trips so if she falls asleep she doesn't wet the car. Also should my girl wear diapers for her period because I am a single father and I don't know much about they other stuff girls use. As for my boy I remember wet dreams as a boy and my father and mother put me in diapers and they worked realy well. So should I do it. And also for car trips should I diaper him so we don't have to stop as much because I alredy will have some diapers for my daughter and if I diaper them both they can eat and drink as much as they would like.

Please answer and tell me if these would work.
You're a jackass. How about you get a life and quit being such a little troll.
Has your mom ever asked you to wear DIAPERS because you wet the bed?!?
I wet the bed at night sometimes and last night my mom gave me a pack of Goodnites (they are pretty much big pull-ups for teen girls) and told me to wear them every night to keep the sheets dry. i am soooo embarrassed. Should I wear them?
Yes, but she more or less just diapered me and I stayed in diapers at night for a very long time. I was a bed wetter past the age of 15 and I wore regular diapers to bed (the lay down and get diapered diapers..lol) so I too know what you are going through. First and foremost, you are sleeping so it not like anyone is advertising that you are wearing diapers to bed. No one will or has to know. Second, its much better waking up in a wet diaper than a wet pile of nasty sheets and bedding. If you keep wetting the bed, the bed will start smelling bad and then when people come over they will smell the pee smell in your room. Yes it will take a couple nights for you to get used to wearing a diaper but at the end of the day you will feel much better, more self esteem, less humiliation having the protection of diapers.
Teen likes diapers?
im 16 year old girl and i like to wear diapers and use them. its not for medical reasons just for enjoyment. is it normal?
You are weird.
12 Year Old Girl Wants To Wear Makeup and Lingerie?
Do any other parents of preteen or teen girls struggle with this issue?
First she wanted to wear makeup at 11. So I agreed to eye liner at 12 and we go from there.
Now when we go shopping, she says Limited Too is for little girls and wants to buy the sexy bra and pantie sets.
And of course all her friends already wear thongs so why can't she.
It seems like just yesterday, she was wearing diapers and potty training .
Now she wants wants to dress like a 20 year old.
What happened? My little girl grew up in less than a year?
I am actually kinda depressed over the whole thing.
When I was raising my guyren, a motto I went by was "choose your battles wisely".

Decide what is worth fighting over.
I would say, give her the lingerie ... it's underneath her clothing anyway, so let her choose what she wants, while staying within your budget.

Makeup ... I would hold to a little harder ... eyeliner and lip gloss (not lipstick) at age 12 is reasonable, then draw up a plan whereby she can "earn other priviledges at certain ages by showing responsibility ... like if she consistently comes home at the time she is supposed to for 6 months ... or consistently does chores over 3 months, etc.

If you "give" on some things (like the lingerie) then it gives you more ability to "stay" on the things that you deem are most important to with hold for a bit longer.

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