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Gay teen boy needs undies advice?
k so I'm 16 gay and I wear regular briefs but my bf wants me to change to cartoon undies. It's cute and he wears it too and he like how snug my stuff look.but my big bro think it's weird that I would wear them do you guys think it's weird and yes people will see us in undies going to a undies bash at friends house
I personally think you should wear the briefs and the cartoon boxers once in a while to make your bf happy.I think its cute,funny,and shows you have a sense of humor!

Good luk!
My underwear issues?
so i dont even have a week worth,
im 13, and my mother had still been buying me little guy underwear with stuff like
"Shopping Star" and like stupid like pictures/prints.
Now im going to order my own and i dunno where! :)
Now VS, and i dont want to wear thongs or any of those. :)
Whenever i go to the BX (only shopping place where i live, not in america) my chocies are, little guy undies, lacy thongs/g-strings, and old lady undies.
Where can i order teen undies from??
And in the meantime what should i do?? Buy another pack of stupid guy ones?
First of all I would like to say that I am 17... And I still wear underwear that say things like "paws off" on the bum...

Second, no one sees your underwear anyways....

Thrid, I have been wearing thongs since I was 13, no matter what people say they are comfortable....

Oh... I wear thongs, g-string, booty shorts, and aparently "little guy underwear"

And I kinda want to point this out and not sound rude, when you call then "stupid guy ones" you really sound like a little guys. Please dont take offence. I just wanted to say.

For having to change infront of people in the locker room at school.....

The key to fashion is confidence.....
It doesnt matter what it is, As long as you make it out like it is the best thing ever people will believe you.
What do you do when they act like their boy/girlfriend, and she wont tell me/?
I was washing her hair in the sink, and he was standing behind us when he asked her what kind of underwear she had on? I thought that she had on some that were inapprporaite, but they weren't she had on teen age girl undies. It then made me confused because why would he evan be looking in her pants at all? what else should I look for to further my investigation on this because I don't want to accuse him and it is not true, but what if itis and i over looked it / Help please i need some real answers and some adult ones PLease
listen lady....i've read all your Questions asking after your OWN guy....

Why are you asking Questions if you doubt your fella and your BABY?? She is your Guy. confront him. or ask her. Do Something. sort it out. DONT ASK ON YAHOO ANSWERS.

Its far toooooo serious for that.

if i thought something was up with my guy and another adult..

1st: i'd beat his sorry ***
2nd: call the cops
How to get 1000 undies donated for a very serious competition.?
I am happily married with teens and honestly need 1000 undies, gstrings or boxers in black red or white. Have to have for competition by end of feb. 09. how can i get people to donate and send to me. thanks
go on the radio and tell people what its for. if its for charity or something, invent a cute slogan and ask a local radio station to allow you to make a spot on the air. My town did the same kinda thing with a bra-drive where women were stopped in their cars on the way to work and asked to take off their bras to donate to a battered woman's shelter. They had enough bras at the end of the day to circle the whole shelter like 6 times.
Kind of embarrassed to ask this underwear question?
I'm 14, but is it common for any girls in their teen years to wear undies with cute little prints like hello kitty, flowers, hearts, tinkerbell, etc. (And now that i've just revealed to everyone what my unmentionables look like, I hope other people are willing to do the same or at least admit that they do ;)
im 17 and i still do. Just buy them in boy short styles and no one will care, boy shorts are cute. Plus my boyfriend likes my chow mein noodle ones! lol Cheer up and wear what makes you happy and feel sexy/cute/confident.
Myspace and your teen daughter.....?
what would you do if you found pictures of ur teen daughter in her bra and undies on myspace?

even bra and pj pants

how do you feel about the growing number of teens in intimates on the net?
if she has that stuff on there she wants attention from men. shes looking for the wrong type of attention. i would teach my daughter self respect. teach her to love herself. and not look for love from others. thats just asking for trouble.
Do you keep pictures of yourself in your undies on your mobile phone?
Nixon suggested the girl downloaded pictures of him in his underpants from his mobile phone.

Heaven forbid! Best I can do is show you a picture of my little dog.
As for THAT girl,why doesn't someone lock her away somewhere?
Gender problem issue?
im mid. 30's , st8 male.. and love wearing girl clothing. NOt women-! but girl clothing. so far only wearing the girl innerwear.... its cuter, more colorfull, fits better, and love the feel of it! Plus it turns me on when i wear just innerwear only in spring, summer in my home. back in the past watching shows like "boy meets world", "full house", "alf", etc...i see all the tween, teen girls in these shows and like want to be like them SOoooooooo bad!!! never back then said anything to anybody because of the embarrass issue. but when seeing m.k. and ashly olsen in full house for example i like oh my god i love her clothes, shoes, pj's, etc...i wanted to be like her/them sooo bad. maybe i always wanted to be a girl and never really realized it? i dont know....when here and there buying girl clothes in stores i get that turned on feeling, that warm , and fuzzy, hi adrenaline, feeling... why? maybe im just weird.?? i look in my drawers at home and think...wow, i prolly have more tween/teen bras and undies than most girls starting out...lol...who knows... comments welcome....
I dont think anyone can answer the "why" of it.
What I CAN contribute is, if it excites you this much, you need to explore and have some fun with it. I'm envious. I wish I had something I felt that excited about.
It would be a shame, even a sin, if you didnt explore it more.
Have fun with it
Well, im 13 and ALL of the girls in my group of friends have had their period. I feel like less of teen....?
I feel like less of a teenager and that it will never come! Though i do have this sticky stuff in my undies. is it normal for it to be clear and not white? And i've had it for about 2 months now.
You have discharge, and normally people say about 6 months - A year after you'll start your period. Don't worry abou it. Your still a teenager, just without your period.
Be glad for now (:
Husband wears ladies undies and surfs net for sexy teens and men who wear sexy panties. Normal?
My 60 year old husband has been wearing ladies panties for more than 20 years. I hate the idea, but stupidly allowed him to do it. It has, however, in all these years, have a bad effect on our sex life. I always blamed myself because I'm rather inhibited. Now I understand why. He wears prettier undies than I do. I stick to plain, uninteresting ones else I have to compete with my husband.

I accidentally discovered that he looks up sexy panties, sexy thongs, and worst of all, Sexy Teens. He is 60 years old for crying out loud. He admitted once, accidentally, that he likes breasts that just start developing! UGH!

He is also looking at "men wearing sexy panties". How sick is this?

I think I've given up on any sexuality I may have had, because he is making me feel inferior. Once I asked him if he likes 'teddies' (all in one undies) and he grinned, saying yes. But what he meant was for himself, not on me.

I feel really unhappy and angry and whatever else I feel, I don't even know. I have not yet confronted him, but he knows I am upset about something as since yesterday I am not talking to him. Would you believe I feel ashamed to confront him about this as I would hate to see him show embarrassment.

Please give me real good advice as to how to handle this. Thanks.
do no allow yourself any more pain. being alone is much better. get a divorce I know it will be difficult. Socially and all but at the end of the day do you respect yourself for staying. love is gone long gone I am so sorry that you have lived with this loser for so long

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