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I Need A Good Web Cam Chat Room FOr Teens. Please Help?
I WAS on Teen-Video-Chat.com but it logged me out suddenly and where it's disallowed my IP adress access

If someone could tell me how to get back on that site, or just give me a new site to use? Something for TEENS, with WEB CAMS
try www.stickam.com/ I really like it.
Whats the best free web cam chat site for teens?
i just got a web cam and im looking for a totally free site to meet new people and chat useing it..does anyone know what site i could use for free?
Check out 6rounds - www.6rounds.com
Teen chat room hacker scam?
I was in this teen webcam chat room. when the "moderator" talks to me and says that i am being hacked and this hacker will soon be able to get into my hard drive. she says i have to add this FBI agent on yahoo IM. so I add the guy and he tells me that i am at level 7 and level 10 is when the hacker will get in to my hard drive and find out where I live. he tells me that i have to sign on to the chat room again but with a different name and he has to decode the name of the hacker. he then gives me the name and says i have to have a web cam chat with the hacker so that her can trace the hackers IP address. i find the "hacker" and start talking and my waring level goes down to 5. but then the "hacker" asks me to put on something sexy. I tell him no and the agent says my level is now at 8.and that i should try and make the hacker happy. I turn off my computer.

ps. this chat room is by teen world chat and it does say that it reports to the FBI
it also says that moderators write in green but the one that talked to me did not
the agent said he could get me in trouble for not complying and could make FBI agents show up at my door.


Someone was just trying to get you naked,a total scam.
What's a clean cam chat website for pre-teens and teens?
I am 11 and I got a computer with a web cam recently, and I want to try it out, but I can't find a website that is clean, and for my age that I can cam chat on. Also, I don't want to have to register or download something. Please help me!!!
Use it on a program such as Skype where you can chat to family or someone trusted.
Or if you have an msn account, use it on there with close friends ONLY.
Do not go on cam chat with anyone you do not know, its very dangerous.
Do you agree with people masturbating on web cams ?
I think it is just discusting that people are actually doing this. They don't know who is watching them or anything ! I am only 14 and I went into a chat room for teens. This 40 year old man was in the chat room on web cam masturbating !! I was just totally disgusted ! Does anyone else think that this sort of behaviour is degrading for men and women ? I do !
no that's just really nasty especially when a weirdo is doing stuff like that. i really hate that stuff.
Do any teenagers use skype? if nto what websites can i use to live chat with other teens?
I wana chat live through my web cam with other teens? does anyone on here that 16-19 use skype? of not skype then what website do you guys use? please let me know.... i dont care what kind of chat.. clean or dirty
i dont..i just use facebook and bebo :)
I think i have a problem?
Im 17 yrs old and i never had much friends in my whole life and i think im going crazy in my mind the reason why i don't have much friends because im quiet most of the time i really cant help myself for that its just the way i am,so because of that i keep visiting these web cam chat sites a chat for teens to talk so far none of them are not that great, i know what im doing is stupid but i just can't help it im a teenager so i was thinking teenagers need to talk more so thought a cam site can help,specially talking to more girls and that's kind of the reason why im these crazy web cams just to talk to more girls and how to communicate with more teenagers and that's another reason why i can't have a girlfriend till be more talkative and have more confidence in myself so i really want to change myself and sometimes my family say i need more people in my life,but to me its kind of hard, the more im like this the more i fell like im not normal like everybody else and its been bugging forever
so that's my problem and if nobody understands this its fine because so far nobody understands me i pretty much don't understand myself.
dude wrong category. post this on um i dont know somewhere else not the science and mathematics question board, especially not math. hardly anyone looks here to answer since math is not easy for most people.
Free Chat rooms for teens?
anyone know a good teen, free chat room that does not involve web cams and you dont need to register for?just type in a nickname and go!?
go on aim, start a chat room and dont invite anyone, and change the chatroom name to bored. there's already people in that
TEENS ONLINE Party House NO age LIMIT - live web-cam CONCERTS FREE?
Okay, for reals, would you be into?.

Tell me what you think.
It'll be a website, similar to stickam.
BUT, there will be like different chat rooms. The chat rooms will be seperated by genres of music.
For example, there would be one for screamo, one for rap, one for country, etc.
You could go in the chat room, request what you wanna hear, & listen to that music while on webcam and talking other people . :D But, you don't have to have a web cam to get on.
Also, they're would be live streams of concerts. Just in case you couldn't make it to a concert.
Everything will be 100% FREE.
What'd you think ?(:
i would loove it!♥

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